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This is a chronicle of the rescue of an injured cat and how he became a part of our family.

While the Patches story will have a happy ending, it nearly didn't, considering how hurt he was and that the county would have put him down due to stray cat over-population if we had left him with them.

We took a risk bringing a hurt cat into our home, which is not something that I recommend that everyone do. A stray can be a health risk to your own animals and bringing home too many, animal hoarding, means that you can't properly care for any of them. However, I do hope that everyone does what they can -- even if you can't take in an animal yourself, you can volunteer at a rescue organization, donate to shelters, and make sure that your own pets aren't out adding to the injury and over-population problem.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 July 2010

    Jack is an instigator, perpetually poking at Patchy under doors.  Patches won't ignore him. If Patches has a whole room to explore, he'll camp out by the door separating jack from him and growl at me for trying to pet him. I'm actually getting pretty frustrated with both of them. I understand that Jack, fairly rightly, feels that Patchy is taking over his territory and his people. I'm a bit more upset with Patchy, since he's usually so loving and grateful, for taking his Jack-based anxiety out on me.

      Last night, both cats made damn clear that they weren't about to be wrangled into a room, so they both just got left out. Jack is now capable of ignoring Patches for long periods of time, but Patches insists on hiding by a bookcase, where we can't reach him. I'm going to have to corral Jack after work and see if I can get Patchy out for a bit.

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  1. For how few days they've been out together, this actually isn't too bad. There will be lots of chase and scuffles between them to come most likely. But as long as it doesn't get to where anyone is really getting hurt, it just looks a lot worse than it is.

    Wolfie is a huge love bug, unless he's pissed off at one of the other cats for something. Then when I go to pet him to try and calm him down, he growls and will even bite at me. I quickly let him know that is not acceptable, by putting him on his side and hissing at him, then walking away. He realizes he overstepped his bounds and comes to find me and purr at me.

    But yeah, I actually think for how fast everything is going, they are doing pretty well, all things considered.